Sunday, March 30, 2008

A week of concerts!

This last week was quite a week. Having been to busy to keep up on the local concert circuit because of the Easter pageant, this week I was able to jump back into the loop and I did with style... 4 nights, 4 concerts!

1. Limbeck (

2. The Avett Brothers (

3. The Black Keys (

4. Tokyo Police Club (

Here is a quick run down of each show...


California bases alt/country band;

The show was at the modified and local favorite of mine. The setting is very quaint; small stage, small audiences, big music.

They played with great energy even though the audience was small. It was the first of two nights they were playing at the modified.

Here is a clip from one of their shows

The Avett Brothers

You can categorizes these guys as blue grass... but you might also say they are punk. Odd combination, I know... but absolutely amazing in concert. All in all it was one of the most amazing shows I have been too... and I have beer spilt on me 3 times!

here is a clip of the avett brothers:

Next was The Black Keys; this is s bluesy rock group from Akron Ohio. Its a two piece band. The Guitarist is simple amazing... he does both the Bass and lead and rhythm himself... You'd think the sound would be a little flat... but not so, the music is full and fantastic.

here is a clip:

Lastly, was the great new comers from Canada; Tokyo Police Club. They played a lot of new tunes from the forthcoming debut LP Elephant Shell. It was the first concert I moshed at since the 90's!

here is a clip

Friday, March 28, 2008

Somewhere to start...

I'm not sure where my families creativity comes from... or if what I add to that creativity is worth anything... but seeing that two of my three sisters have craft blogs, I thought; what the hell!

So here is my addition to the creative world. Though i can't claim this as my own, Michael Wiltbank was the on who inspired me to make this peice... as he did one just like it first. So the name for this piece is; Michael's Tree. In tribute to him.

This is a second little number I did not too long ago. I know, I know... I have been working on my dyslexia for most of my life.

The process is really simple, just glue news paper to a big canvas... in an organized fashion, or unorganized fashion, it doesn't matter!

Well, honestly, I'm not sure what creative adroitness will come from this blog, but I am hopeful!